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Looking to revitalize and protect your furniture? We can instantly transform your furniture with our stylish and elegant Houston slipcovers at Elegant Upholstery, proudly serving the Greater Houston Area. Our custom furniture slipcovers are a great alternative to reupholstery. Whether protecting valuable chairs and sofas or quickly covering old furniture, our selection of slipcovers is ready to meet your needs. Our generous selection that includes couch slipcovers, sofa slipcovers, dining chair slipcovers, love seat slipcovers, ottoman slipcovers and more. Our unlimited selection of Houston slipcovers is tailored to match your personal style and won't cost a bundle. Elegant Upholstery and Slipcovers can create the perfect furniture slipcover to fit your home decor.

Transform your furniture today with a quick and affordable furniture makeover. Just add Elegant Upholstery furniture slipcovers.

We also offer great furniture reupholstery alternatives. Elegant Upholstery and Slipcovers Houston slipcovers give your sofas, chairs  and love seats a new and attractive look at a reasonable price. We offer an unlimited variety of slipcovers for all types of furniture. Love seat slipcovers, chair slipcovers, sofa slipcovers, all types of Houston slipcovers, customized to your individual needs. All our chair slipcovers, sofa slipcovers and love seat slipcovers are designed to custom fit your furniture like a glove.  

Updating your existing furniture has never been so easy with the help of all the great custom slipcovers that we can create for your chair, couch, sofa, dining chair, recliner or other furniture needs. You can literally change the look of your furniture in seconds it by using beautiful slipcovers. Rather than going out to spend money on new furniture, you can reduce your cost significantly by just using this fashionable alternative.

Did you know that slipcovers are a popular choice furniture makeovers? Furniture makeovers add appeal to your home by just adding a beautiful pattern or style that compliments your room. You will be amazed with the creativity Elegant Upholstery and Slipcovers can help you can come up with. There are an assortment of colors , fabrics and patterns available for your custom slipcover. You and your guests are guaranteed to be impressed with the new look and feel that our slipcovers create; brightening up and making over your favorite room and furniture. There are some great benefits associated with slipcovers. First off, they are a reasonably-priced solution , rather than spending your hard earned income on totally new items. Our fabrics are easy to clean and many are machine washable. Elegant Upholstery Houston slipcovers are strong, durable products that look great.

Our custom slipcovers are made from specially selected fabrics that are chosen for both their durability and their looks. Our stylish, yet easy to clean furniture custom slipcovers are paticularly popular with families and pet owners.

Using Elegant Upholstery custom slipcovers is an incredibly simple, yet effective, way to coordinate mis-matched seats or match your sofas and chairs to new décor. There's no need to buy new seats if you move house or redecorate, as a new slipcover can give you a furniture makeover in just a matter of minutes. Many people like to have a spare set of slipcovers, so they can easily change the style of their whole room to suit the occasion or season.

Let Elegant Upholstery and Slipcovers help you make home and furniture decorating fun, achieving the look you want, with a fast, affordable furniture makeover.

We also design create Houston custom pillows,  Houston draiperies, Houston bedding, Houston custom tablecloths and more to coordinate your whole home decor.

All our Houston slipcovers are made locally and proudly in the USA. Thank you for shopping Elegant Upholstery custom slipcovers.

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