About Us

by Sam L.

Elegant Upholstery is a family owned mom-and-pop upholstery and slipcover shop serving Houston and the surrounding cities. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that our clients are happy with our services. Our clients mean the world to us and we truly appreciate their business. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

At Elegant Upholstery our reputation is very important to us. Our attitude is that no job is complete until it is absolutely perfect. We realize that our customers work hard for their money and we want them to feel that they made a great decision when they chose to do business with us.


When listing our seemingly unlimited Houston-Area upholstery-related services I realized that it may seem too good to be true that such a little Houston-Area upholstery shop has the resources to perform such a large variety of services as well as we claim that we can. After all, a person can only be an expert at a finite amount of things. One might ask,"How is it possible that a small upholstery shop is able to offer so many upholstery-related services while maintaining a standard for quality that is second to none?" The truth be told, most of the expertise comes from my wife Mary. She is an expert seamstress that does all of the sewing for us as well as the cutting of the fabric. She makes the custom slipcovers and the cushion and pillow covers for us. She also takes the lead for our quality control. Mistakes are not acceptable and do not get passed her. We use a frame maker to fabricate the solid-wood frames for the new custom furniture that we manufacture. As of late, Ricardo, who is our partner at Houston Refinishing, handles most of the refinishing although I still do it sometimes. We take care of the actual furniture upholstery and reupholstery in-house. If we ever  have a large job though, we have several friends in the upholstery business that work with us sometimes and love to help out. This gives us the ability to tackle large commercial projects such as reupholstering entire hotels without breaking a sweat. All of the skilled artisans that make up Elegant Upholstery have worked for big custom furniture manufacturing companies here in Houston. Our friend, Natalie, is a licensed interior designer. She does our in-home consultations for us and helps to enable us to offer Houston-Area interior design services.

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